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Why Artists Fail

The hidden sun. Image courtesy of
The hidden sun. Image courtesy of

Jack White, the master painter, has some great advice for artists about what to do to avoid failing to sell your art. One of the first things is so obvious, but true: No one can buy your art if it is not out there in the world for them to see.

I’m taking this article to heart. I’ve just listed my oil painting, “Fishing Buddies,” for sale on my brand-new shop. Just click on the Buy My Art link at the top of this blog. I’ll be adding more art in the weeks and months to come.

In the meantime, here’s Jack’s article:

How Artists Fail
by Jack White

If you don’t take control of your marketing then blame no one but yourself when you get old and can’t move through the studio because of stacks of unsold art. You must change your attitude or fail. […]

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