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Learn how to mix engaging grays

Grand Central Station Mosaic, © 2015 by David Dunlop.
Grand Central Station Mosaic, © 2015 by David Dunlop.

David Dunlop makes another essential point about effective painting, and that is, to master the use of mixing and painting grays. Jack White also made it a goal of his to master grays, in order to give the viewer’s eyes a place to rest, and keep the vibrant areas vibrant.

My key takeaway paragraph from David Dunlop’s post is this:

Let’s examine mixing colors to create luminous grays (or what is referred to as chromatic grays). A gray concocted from a triad of secondary colors and the use of white. They can be made to look warmer or cooler. These color based grays are usually more engaging than those made from black and white or Payne’s gray. Let’s see how it’s done by artists on their palettes and in their pictures.

Read the entire post here:

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