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We artists go through periods of self-doubt and discouragement, especially when it seems nobody wants to purchase our art. We all know admirers who tell us that our work is very good (but they wouldn’t dare buy anything from us!). Artist Jack White always inspires with his Texas straight talk and razor-sharp wit. Here is an excerpt from his latest article. I hope it inspires you to stay tenacious and everlastingly at it, when it comes to achieving your breakthrough.




by Jack White

Whiteism: Rejection can be painful, but never fatal.

The single most powerful reason artists fail is FEAR of rejection. It’s impossible to be an artist and not experience rejection.

When I started writing I knew I would face multiple rejections. I remember reading the story of crime novelist John Creasey. John set a record of 742 successive rejection slips in a row before he was ever published. John received 500 more rejections than Stephen King before he was published. But once John’s first book was published, he wasted no time exploding on the market.[…]

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