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365 Drawings in one year? What was I thinking?

Snowball. Graphite.


I started by thinking about habits, good and bad. How I should create new habits. Habits that would replace old, bad habits. Like the habit of procrastination. One way to break out of an old habit and into a new one? A drawing a day.

Awhile back (OK, a year or so back), I stumbled upon Cory Huff’s Creative Insurgents podcast, and listened to an episode in which he interviewed Crystal Moody. She explained that her four-year-old daughter inspired her with her drawings to challenge herself with simply making one new drawing a day, and posting it.

Since then, she has gone on to not only drawing every day (in 2014), but painting every day (in 2015). And, she has developed a project called “A Year of Creative Habits.” The concept is simple: Do something, however small, for one year, daily.

I have decided to take this challenge, and follow these guidelines suggested by Crystal:

  • Choose one creative habit.
  • Do it everyday.
  • Share my effort/progress with others.
  • Reflect and make changes along the way.

I don’t plan on limiting the subject matter. One day could be a cat, another day, a tractor. The next day, Cary Grant! The next day, a closeup of roller-coaster tracks. I am giving myself permission to have fun with this project, and see where it takes me.

I would be remiss if I did not mention other artists that have inspired me to get going with daily creative habits. My biggest fan? My wife Faye. She is a fantastic singer, a voice artist in her own right, has supported me above and beyond over the years, and has graciously put up with being married to an artist!

Those other artists? In no particular order:

Mike Roy, a visual effects artist working in video, commercial, and film, loves helping artists of all kinds find their unique niche. I have used several free PDF guides of his to help me in my career. His material is a must-read for any artist struggling to figure out what to write about, on blogs or newsletters.

Chris Wilson has several excellent series for artists, one of which is the Art Launch Blueprint. It will guide you, step-by-step, into a creative career, using real-world strategies and methods. I have learned so much from his advice and knowledge. He freely gives out extremely detailed tips on writing emails, scheduling emails, subject matter, all geared toward boosting your art career.

McKenna Hallett’s advice for artists helped me to trade in my dark website into a lighter design and layout, and her “Hitting Brick Walls is Over!” 3-part series is required reading for any artist or blogger wanting to know how to revive a dormant email list! She will go the extra mile to help you get out of your rut.

I do not know how John P. Weiss crams so much wisdom, advice and painting into one life, but he accomplishes it with grace and dignity. He wears many hats, including police chief, if that wasn’t enough! I first started reading his columns on Fine Art Studios Online (FASO), and quickly signed up for his newsletter. He did not disappoint. More than just art, his newsletters convey life lessons, stories, and thoughts that will enhance your life on this earth. I highly recommend subscribing to his newsletter, and blog. You will not be disappointed! Oh, did I mention he is a fantastic painter, too? Done.

I must have checked out Carol Marine‘s book “Daily Paintingfrom the library a half-dozen times. Her quest to become a better painter was realized when, in her words, she made “one small painting each day.” She posted it on her blog, and sold it in auction. Her daily routine of painting small and often is a big inspiration for my challenge. check out her outstanding paintings here.

I will post on all the major social platforms, so if you so desire, follow me on the one that is most convenient for you. And please give me feedback! Suggestions, too.

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