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I am inspired by my ultimate source of life and love, God, who graciously has loaned to me the talent to experience and paint His glorious creation. Born in Paintsville, Kentucky, my interest in art began at age 3, utilizing those timeless (well, almost timeless... Okay, since 1885) art pigments called crayons, and I continued drawing and painting on everything I could get my hands on, from notebook paper margins, to notebook covers, to paper and canvas, throughout my school years.

I have been told (by my wife) that I could have been a cat-whisperer like Jackson Galaxy; the only difference between J.G. and me is that Galaxy has a bunch of tattoos, a shaved head, a goatee-sort-of-thing going on, and a guitar. Oh, and an Animal Planet hit TV show. Otherwise, she says I am just as patient with our fur-balls. I am also a fairly decent impressionist, able to pick up on vocal mannerisms and speech patterns almost instantaneously. I have been told that I am a definite step up from Rich Little, and that I almost rise to the level of a Frank Caliendo.

After earning a Bachelor's Degree in Art from Morehead State University, I wore the hats of an art director, newspaper graphics editor, infographics artist, page designer, website designer, marketing director, illustrator, painter — you name it! I was selected to become a member of the Watercolor and Graphic Arts Society (W.G.A.S., Mobile, AL), the oldest such organization in the state of Alabama.

My influences come from God, literature, music, poems, movies, TV shows, and the astounding beauty of nature itself. Deep thoughts, introspection, hilarity, astonishment, happiness, quiet reverie, they all make themselves at home in my heart and soul. I draw (Yes, I know, what a pun, huh?) upon all these influences in coaxing them out of their shell in my mind, and they venture forth into paintings, drawings and mixed media. They just can’t help themselves!

Contact Details

Michael Brugh
michael (at) michaelbrugh.com

Skills & Knowledge

Longer red bars equal expert.

  • Photoshop
  • Illustrator
  • InDesign
  • QuarkXpress
  • Microsoft Office
  • Wordpress
  • CSS
  • HTML5
  • Kodak DP2
  • GreenScreen Wizard

Client Testimonials

  • Mike Brugh is talented , creative, and a pleasure to work with. We worked together at The Cincinnati Post in the late 1990s. We would give Mike completely ridiculous deadline requests for sophisticated illustrations, and Mike would always come through. Sometimes (OK, rarely), we would give him a little extra time for more ambitious projects. Finally, Mike is a gentleman and a class act. You'll enjoy working with him.

    Robert Kraft, former Managing Editor, The Cincinnati Post
  • Lovely Little Shrimp Boat (painting)! Am very happy & haven't stopped smiling since it came!

    Sarah B.
  • Exquisite tiny watercolor! Perfect for my dollhouse! Thanks a million!

    ACEO owner
  • The work of Brugh is head and shoulders above the rest. His graphics are easy to read, informative and well researched. His double-truck Titanic graphic is bold, ambitious.

    Judges' Comments, OHIO Society of Professional Journalists, Best Graphic Designer in Ohio award, 1998
  • How did you put so much expression in this tiny piece (A great blue heron ACEO). WOWIE. Love it!!

    Kemmie T.
  • Wonderful little piece of art! Well pleased.

    Darci B.

Get In Touch.

I will paint or draw for you! If you see a painting you like, but want something added or changed, tell me, and I will paint to suit you! I enjoy painting on commission! I also take illustration and infographic assignments. Photoshop is one of my specialties! Email me at michael (at) michaelbrugh.com, and I will get in touch with you. Thank you!

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